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Achieving a Balance of Femininity and Masculinity in Your Home

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

We all seek balance and harmony in life - like me, do you think of your home décor in the same way? When I graduated college and moved into my first apartment, I designed my space as delicate and soft as possible (I’m talking pink, flowers, and fur), but I quickly outgrew it and felt it no longer represented the working, professional woman I was becoming. The paradigm changed as I found balance in my life as an ambitious, determined, yet delicate woman. Femininity and masculinity can exist dynamically and actually create more interesting complexities.

Here is what I generally consider feminine and masculine:

Feminine designs:

  • Bright and airy colors

  • Round and curved edged (often embellished) furniture

  • Ambient light

  • Dainty patterns

  • Soft materials (satin, silk, etc.)

Masculine designs:

  • Earthy, dark, and heavy color palettes

  • Furniture has sharp or straight edges and its primary objective is functionality

  • Moody and dim lightning

  • Geometric patterns

  • Rough textures and and metal finishes

Now let’s create balance using a living room as our example.

1. My rule of thumb is to start with the foundation. This is where I incorporate masculinity. (Think wall color, couches, and chairs)

2. Next, let's soften it up with a few feminine touches.

(Accent pieces such as pillows, plants, and art)

Life is not black and white, and we often overlap, interweave, and merge the two. So do what works best for you! Sometimes, the balance may be 50-50, 30-70, 10-90. It doesn’t matter, as long as you feel seen and represented in your space.

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