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Game of Thrones' Rooms Brought to Life

Updated: Jan 2

I joined the Game of Thrones wave way too late but fell completely in love with the show, its characters, and the imagination of the writers’, producers’, set designers, and artists. I was in total awe at how a fictional place with so much history and culture were brought to life. For this project I wanted to use my imagination to create modern bedrooms using inspiration from the houses in Game of Thrones. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

“Winter is coming.” 

When I think of Starks, I think of the warmth of family in a complex and sometimes grim world. I wanted their home to appeal to their cold, bleak northern roots, but I also brought in warm elements to represent their deep-rooted family ties. 

The Greyjoy's are secluded rebels who live a life very similar to that of pirates. When designing this room, my goal was to create an eclectic vibe with a collection of various decor pieces – an interesting room that will make you look around and say, “Hm. That’s different. I wouldn’t have thought to put that together, but it works!” Pirates collect from all over the world and make the item theirs, and that was my goal here.

When you think of the White Walkers, how can you not think of cold, white and sharp blue? It was quite fun to design this room - I knew that it had to be minimalist, sterile, and cold. Importantly, the room shows almost no signs of life and appears to be in pristine condition. Like the White Walkers' snowy environment, you don’t know where the room begins and ends, but you do know to proceed with caution, as this space is almost intimidating.

Would this truly be a Targaryen’s room without fire? Red is such an alarming color that can dominate any space. I wanted to bring peace, balance, yet power to this room. Oriental design was the perfect direction to go in, as there was a sense of comfortable, impactful minimalism. This room has the right amount of character while maintaining its sophistication.

Homely and dutiful were in mind when designing for the Tully's. The room needed to feel familiar and functional. It's easy to feel comfortable in this non-threatening room.  Of course, I needed to bring in elements of the Riverlands to create a swampy feel.

Luxury. That’s it. If any room represents ultimate sophistication and luxury, it’s the Lannister's. When creating this room, I thought about the people who would live here - people who would be proud and not afraid to show off the finer things in life. 

Admittedly, this room was challenging. How could I capture a quiet, reserved, and aloof without creating an uninteresting space. The Arryn’s are far from boring. While they are rather diplomatic, they take their duties seriously. I believe this room exhibits an intentional sense of harmony and airiness. The stark contrast of the black carpet represents the Moon Gate (I did say they pride themselves on honor and duty). 

The space had to represent warmth and charm. Like the Tyrells, it uses its “good nature” to make one feel comfortable. There is no doubt that this room must be beautiful. What says beautiful like flowers, pink, and soft fabrics? The Tyrells inspired room is all about abundance.

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